How it all started

The Mercury Bay Environmental Trust had its roots from an idea started in the Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre (COLC), a small English Language School that existed for many years in Whitianga.

From as early as 2012 the students from the school's Activity Programme, began to help establish a Native Plant Nursery, and over time we developed a number of other environmental initiatives. In the course of the next seven years those ideas grew into projects reaching out into our community and the surrounding area.

After COLC closed its doors in 2019, its nursery and the attached environmental projects continued to evolve into what is the Mercury Bay Environmental Trust (MBET) today, running a nursery in Whitianga, supplying eco-sourced native plants for, and being involved with the planting and upkeep of several restoration projects around the Coromandel Peninsula.


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Our vision for the future

Restoration is nearly impossible to achieve without planting native trees. MBET was designed for that purpose. 'Learning by doing' is our approach. We take the time to teach others about the plants and their role in our project. We're out in the field with volunteers, trapping, planting, collecting seeds weeding to restore and conserve the beauty of Aotearoa.

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Project Manager

New Zealand’s ecosystems are truly unique, they evolved over millions of years in isolation from the outside world.  Since the arrival of man, so much has changed. I don’t think many people realise just how special the New Zealand environment is, and just how much work is required to protect it for future generations.

M: +64 27 282 3369


Funding and Finance

If we enjoy our environment we will value it. If we value it we will care for it. If we care for it, it will reward us. Our environment is our life!

M: +64 27 495 8923

Micayla (Mac)

Project Assistant 

Have you ever just listened to the sounds of the forest, they are calling us, and they need our help! 

Here at the Mercury Bay Environmental Trust we are taking one step at a time to restore our ecosystems, but we can't do this alone, we need your help!

E:  M: +64 27 954 7434 


Mercury Bay Environmental Trust
P. +64 27 282 3369



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