Comers Road

In 2017, a large wild fire destroyed several hundred hectares of native bush on Comers Road near Whitianga. Our community got behind the people that had lost so much in that fire and so did the Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre. That work has been continued on by MBET.

We began by donating and planting trees, especially Kauri trees, out on this site and since then we have been going back every winter to provide and plant more. We often find ourselves pulling weeds introduced by the fire, during the other parts of the year when we can’t plant.

The long drought we experienced here in the summer of 2019/20 took a heavy toll on the trees, especially the Kauris, but this is always a risk with restoration work and we have since been replacing the trees that were lost.

MBET will continue supplying trees for this site.

The Back Drop Trust

This is an exciting new project right on the doorstep of Whitianga township. It will involve Wilding Pine removal and other weed control, predator trapping, track building and maintenance and large scale native tree planting.

Watch this space for more information on this project as we are able to release more details.

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Project Manager

New Zealand’s ecosystems are truly unique, they evolved over millions of years in isolation from the outside world.  Since the arrival of man, so much has changed. I don’t think many people realise just how special the New Zealand environment is, and just how much work is required to protect it for future generations.

M: +64 27 282 3369


Funding and Finance

If we enjoy our environment we will value it. If we value it we will care for it. If we care for it, it will reward us. Our environment is our life!

M: +64 27 495 8923


Volunteer Organiser

I’m a 25 year old Kūaotunu local. Always out in nature, I actively try my best to protect the environment I live in. I have an eagerness to learn and a love for spending time outside, which has led me to study Environmental Management. In my free time I enjoy yoga, hiking, reading, travelling and soaking up the sunshine.



Mercury Bay Environmental Trust
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