Backdrop Trust Update

Wilding Pine Eradication

This spring has seen considerable progress towards our goal of getting rid of the wilding pines, not only on the Backdrop Trust land, but on as much of the land directly across the harbour from Whitianga township as we can.  While some of this work will be dependant on ongoing funding being available, we can report on what has either happened or is happening right now.

Stage one was completed in August, and that saw the pines cut down on half of the Backdrop Trust. Luckily these pines are small and the surrounding undergrowth is strong and full of native species, so already the areas where the pines have been removed look much better.  

Stage two, which is the rest of the Backdrop Trust is being worked on right now and we hope that work will be completed early next month.  Having virtually all the pines removed from this land will be a significant milestone for us.

At the same time tenders are being called for the next stage which will be for the pine eradication on all the DoC land at either end of the Backdrop Trust block.  This is a pretty big job that we hope will begin early in 2023. 

Once the pines are gone from the Backdrop Trust, we will be able to progress other parts of the project including the development of the tracks and the replanting of some of the more open areas with many more native trees.  Already we are seeing the difference being made by the predator control work being done in the area by the Purangi Conservation Trust, and it is great to be able to see and hear many more native birds in there than we would have seen a year ago.  There is lots more to do but real progress is happening.


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