Sowing seeds, sprouting minds

Georgia on the Aotea Track
Georgia on the Aotea Track

A large part of what MBET was founded upon and what it continues to stand for is sprouting the minds of the younger generations. Giving them an opportunity to learn, grow, and gain valuable experience within a field that they feel passionate about; environmental conservation. 

As a 25-year-old Kūaotunu local who is keen to get out in nature and make a significant contribution to the environment I live in, I was stoked to have been put in touch with Kim and offered the opportunity to join the team!

Growing up on the wild west coast in the midst of the Waitākere Ranges, I often found myself bushwalking with my dad- learning to identify native flora from a young age. Now, I love spending my free time out in nature- tramping, camping and exploring our beautiful country. 

I am grateful to have landed a job that allows me to be outside, stay active, and learn more about NZ native flora, all within the realm of conservation. I am looking forward to all of the future seed collection bush walks, planting days with local volunteers & weeding in the sunshine listening to Kim’s favourite old school tunes.

written by Georgia Gilsenan-Fitzgerald – Volunteer Organiser


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