The Back Drop Trust Project

After a couple of years of working behind the scenes- planning, liaising, organising- it is very exciting to announce the Back Drop Trust Project has reached a significant milestone. As of August 1st 2022, the pine eradication has commenced! Within the same week, MBET has ventured in, to a separate part of the bush, to plant native trees too. All the while, over the last few months, pest control has also begun and getting many hits.

It is awesome to have the hardworking team at Second Nature Ltd. involved and they are progressing so fast- 4850 Wilding pines felled within the first week! You can already see a huge difference when looking across to the bush from the Whitianga side. Great work team. ("Then and Now" photos can be found at start and end of this article)

Meanwhile, Purangi Conservation Trust have been working hard too. Laura has spent long days in the bush setting up trap lines, focusing on catching possums, rats, stoats and weasels. With many pests caught already, the restoration and protection of native birds and other fauna has begun. 

To celebrate the start of the pine felling and pest eradication, MBET thought it was only fitting to go and plant a few natives to kickstart the planting journey. Filling our backpacks and free hands with Miro, Mataī and Tōtara, we ventured in to plant the first of many. We look forward to planting many more, once the felling has been completed.

This is an exciting new project right on the doorstep of Whitianga township. MBET are both honoured and excited to be involved in this project and cannot wait to see the great restoration of flora and fauna as this work is carried out. To find out more about the background and vision of the project, head to our "Native Bush Restoration" tab to have a read. Watch this space for more updates as this project unfolds.


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